Tips for using online video for your business

We are excited to have our first ever Vlog on PR Soup as part of our “Guest Blogger Series”! Erica Harpold, executive producer of Whitney Casey Productions shares her tips for using online video for your business.

Erica Harpold is the executive producer of Whitney Casey Productions. WCP is an online video branding company that creates short, informative, entertaining videos for businesses. With a background in TV news, they produce organic stories with the real people behind the business. You can learn more about WCP at www.WhitneyCaseyProductions.com

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3 Responses

  1. Christine Cox says:

    Wow! This is convincing and relatable, for sure! I hope lots of people see this, as it really answers a lot of questions about video and verifies how powerful it’s become as not only a marketing and PR tool, but as a media tool that truly works.

  2. Erica says:

    Yeah, we have several clients using their videos for media purposes, to get on local and national TV shows! If the producer or reporter can see your business/product in action and see what you look like on camera, it really helps land that appearance!

  3. Andrea Schulle says:

    Erica – what a great idea for a business’ online media room! My only caveat – make sure you are good behind the camera and have had some media training.

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