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Pitch YOUR Story to the Media

While I was reading this weekend about what other journalists were saying about how to get your story in the paper, I found myself scoffing at a blog post that read, “There is a proven method to get your story in the paper.” Then I read on and actually agreed with the author (somewhat)— “The proven method is effective communication.” While an editor always has the upper hand in saying whether or not a story will run and where, the chances of that story running are better if a reporter has great information on an interesting story. This is where you come in to help.


HELP! I have brain freeze.

We all know the feeling. The pounding that starts slow and then wham has you wincing in momentary pain. I’ve read that pressing your tongue or thumb to the roof of your mouth helps quell the throbbing. For me, squeezing my eyes shut and saying a few choice words seems to do the trick. This…


Write Like You Know How To Write

We’ve all been there. Finally settling down in front of the computer, we pull up the blank page, stare at it for a bit, daydream nervously about all the great things we want to relay in writing, then feel a rush of angst. We get up, get another cup of coffee, and come back hoping…