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Is Your Company Trapped By Corporate Social Responsibility?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about corporate social responsibility and how it relates to your business’ public relations strategy. In fact, CSR (yes, it even has its own acronym) has been addressed more than once in this blog. In a  Harvard  Business Review article, February 2007, entitled “Redefining Corporate Social Responsibility”, Mark Kramer…


Six Tricks to Hiring Entrepreneurial Employees

Hey new entrepreneur! How are you feeling today? Nervous?! I hear you. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows in your world. Especially if the problem you’re facing is hiring employees number two and three (with you being employee number one). Who to hire is a tough question we all face in our lives. The question I hear most is do I hire a worker bee or an entrepreneur like me?


Simple Steps to Creating a Professional Blog

If your blog is your brand, your product or “the mouth piece” for your company, it must look professional. If you’re willing to skimp on any of the things I’m about to cover, then you need to reconsider why you have or want to start a blog.


The Social Media Party Line

I remember well my visits to my grandparents’ house in New Orleans as a girl. Inside their cottage home were all sorts of unusual treasures, unlike my family’s own modern home 200 miles away. Notably in the hallway, there sat a black, heavy phone with a big finger dial atop a piece of furniture known as a ‘telephone table’.

Nine Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur/Solopreneur

Nine Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur/Solopreneur

Over the last few weeks I’ve had several consulting meetings with budding entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who have some pretty stellar ideas on the table. Most of them still have full-time jobs, but are self-motivated enough to push forward on their journey no matter the hill or valley…