Resume Makeover Challenge!

Resume Makeover Challenge!

Browsing Pinterest the other day, I came across a story from Mashable that questioned if beautiful design can make your resume stand out. The pictures immediately caught my attention (okay, the pictures of the resumes; not the silly blog header picture)! Inspired by the great designs, I decided to take the challenge with my own resume.

Starting with LinkedIn, I downloaded my information in their pre-set resume format. I have to admit that if you are graphically challenged, this is a great way to get your resume together quickly and in an easy-to-read format. Warning: my resume turned out to be 8 pages long, so please do some editing before you send it to a hiring manager. The picture below is what page 1 of mine looked like.

Andrea Schulle LinkedIn Resume

Knowing I could kick this black and white resume up a notch, it was time to enter design mode!

Step 1: Research.  I needed to see to what others have done and find some inspiration for my resume.  I looked at colors and fonts, and paid close attention to what information was on the graphic-formatted resumes. Do I include any images? How wild and crazy do I go or should I find a happy medium that shows creativity with a good sense of when to hold the reins in? BINGO!

Step 2: Art. I searched through our image library to find a starting point. We had a great image that resembled a book or newspaper. PERFECT! I put the image into Illustrator and away I went.

Step 3:  Layout. I needed to decide which colors and fonts to use, and how to layout the information in my resume in a way that made the most sense with the image I selected. I wanted the important things at the top and the fun stuff to be highlighted features. I also wanted my name and contact information to look like a masthead.

Step 4: The big reveal. Drumroll, please!


The final product came together rather quickly – in total I spent approximately two hours putting this together. Completely worth the effort, in my opinion, to have something that will stand out above the crowd.

So what do you think? What does your resume look like and have you considered making it more “graphic”?

Post written by: Andrea Schulle

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