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Find HAPPO Happiness Beginning Monday, Feb. 18

Monday Evening Twitter Chat (#HAPPO) Kicks Off 2013 Nationwide Grassroots Effort to Match PR Pros with Local Jobs.

This spring, boosting a PR career (or finding great job candidates) in Austin, Texas, has gotten easier. I’ve been knighted by Minnesota digital PR superstar Arik Hanson as an Austin Champ for the re-launch of the Help a PR Pro Out (HAPPO) movement, a nationwide grassroots effort to match PR pros with local jobs. With unemployment at a 4-year low, it’s a great time to be working in Austin, TX. It’s an even better time to climb the corporate ladder…with employers becoming increasingly competitive. And, if you’re an employer yourself, now’s the time to step up your game and look for star employees where others aren’t looking.

Enter HAPPO.

Austin joins other HAPPO-friendly cities around the country to host virtual and networking events for the sole purpose of matching local employers with employees in the PR arena. Other cities involved in the HAPPO movement include Atlanta, Boston, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Dallas/Ft. Worth and many others.

Join us this Monday evening as we kick off 2013 with a:
#HAPPO Twitter Chat: Monday, Feb 18, 8pm CT

Join PR pros across the nation in this #HAPPO Twitter Chat featuring a discussion on how to build and sustain a mentor relationship.

To participate:
1. Set up a #HAPPO hash tag-specific stream in your Twitter feed of choice. I use as HootSuite as my dashboard, but others use very specific dashboards for chats alone, like TweetChat.
2. Be sure to include #HAPPO in your responses. If your advice is very Austin-specific, or you would like to share a posting for a job in the Austin area, include the additional hash tag: #ATXPR
If this will be your very first Twitter chat, don’t fret. We were all newbies at some point. Here’s some great tips from Social Media Coach Janet Fouts. Know that the conversation moves fast. It’s OK to simply absorb – take it all in – without joining the conversation. But, of course, I would encourage as much #ATXPR participation as possible.
If you have any questions about participating in Twitter chats – or in this chat specifically – feel free to ask me. We plan on holding these #HAPPO chats quarterly, so stay tuned to that hash tag for updates.
Not a fan of Twitter? No problem. We plan on holding an in-person HAPPO Hour event in April. And you can join the LinkedIn Group here. Connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or by using this form and I’ll keep you updated on future dates.
PR agencies and other employers: contact me or use the #HAPPO #AXTPR hash tags throughout the year to publicize your opportunities.

Let’s get working, Austin!

LuAnn Glowacz is a public relations consultant, business writer and principal at WordCove in Austin, TX,  and a founder of PR Soup.

Image credit: tupungato / 123RF Stock Photo

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