PR Newswire Lays It All Out in a Video!

“What we do” videos (also known as “explainer” videos) are a great way to share a simplified message with your target audience to demystify your business’ services and/or product offerings.

Instead of “telling” you how to make one, PR Newsire decided to create their own video to illustrate how it works. Their creative team huddled with their producers to find a way to make a complex business like PR more understandable.  We believe this is also a simple way of explaining what to expect when you hire a PR or communications team to craft and amplify your message; and this can be especially effective when combined with an electronic press release that includes a video.

If you like, you can keep checking in with them, because this video is just the first of a series they’ve produced to address various facets of telling your story, and how. (Hint: Video is one of the best tools PR professionals can use to make your brand strong.)

Here at PR Soup (and Andris Media Group) we respect the information PR Newswire shares, as they are one of the top news wire services out there. So thanks, PR Newswire.

Do you feel like you learned something from this post, and does it bring up any questions or ideas? Let us know! We’re here to help.


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