Every Picture Tells A Story; And So Can You!

The year of 2012 saw a surge in the use of infographics to tell stories. Everything from politics to the peaks and valleys of  business financials to environmental monitoring became a reason to get creative and make an infographic.

We wonder if this won’t become even more popular in the years to come, as information overload becomes more and more of a factor, and easy ways to process, break down and disseminate information are sought after.

We found two articles worth sharing on the use of graphics to tell stories. One is a ‘romantic’ illustration; the other, more useful for business purposes. Both are effective and, we think, fascinating.

When Ernest Hemingway was in the hospital as a young man of 19 after he was injured in the WWI, his friends sent him this “get well” pictogram. So, really, infographics are not as new to us as we’d like to think. As a matter of fact, people have been using imagery to tell stories since the days of the caveman!

We also think you’ll find this post by Visual.ly called The Five Ingredients of a Great Infographic, interesting, as well. It’s a nice break down about the most important things you need to look for when having an infographic designed as a promotional tool or a way to guide your your customers, clients, colleagues, or readers. We hope you’ll find it helpful, and that in 2013, we all have the opportunity to use infographics to help tell our stories.


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