Camp Sloop Case Study

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Camp Sloop KEYE
Frustrated with the endless searching, note taking, and standing in line, two Austin-area moms decided to create Camp Sloop, an online resource for finding the perfect day or overnight camp for your children. With the end of school looming, Camp Sloop came to us to help spread the word about this amazing website that helps parents quickly and easily find the perfect summer camps for their kids.




This successful campaign that garnered the attention of:






“Andris Media Group was amazing to work with.  We asked for help in the 2 months leading up to our busiest season and they certainly delivered!  3 television spots and 2 print articles within that short time frame.   The buzz generated lots of new traffic to our website and we are very happy with the results.  Andrea and Christine are very professional and always there to help give guidance and direction. ” – Rebecca Cole, Co-Owner of Camp Sloop