I Have a Facebook Fan Page…Now What?

Congratulations for diving into the world of Social Media! A powerful tool to add to your marketing mix, social media can be a bit overwhelming.  But, it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few ways to help you succeed in getting out your message effectively while still having  fun.

The name of the game in Social Media, perhaps even more than with other communications channels,  is engagement. Simply by name alone, Social Media is intended to incite conversation while acting as a forum to share ideas, inform, sell, and again, engage.

To do this successfully, you must truly know your target audience. Speak directly to them and keep your message consistent with your brand. If you are an established company, your fans will search you out and expect you to deliver on your brand promise on Facebook, as well. If new to the market, it’s equally important to deliver consistent messaging across all channels to start developing brand equity and loyalty.

Here are some guaranteed tips and tricks to help you engage, and ultimately grow your fan base:

1.)    Publish relevant content and update regularly. Skip the fluff; go for the meat!

2.)    Ask your fans to give their opinion or ask them an open-ended question. Give them something to talk about, not just read about.

3.)    Monitor and respond to all “likes” and comments. This is a crucial step to engagement. You must always be listening and show your fans that you appreciate their loyalty.

4.)    Integrate your fan page with your website, blog, email signature, or any place that your audience can easily find you.

Follow this advice and your message is guaranteed to be seen and heard. If you are unsure about messaging and brand development, I suggest you work with a communications pro that can help you find the most effective way to speak to your target audience and maximize your communications efforts.

So what are you going to post today?

Happy Sharing!

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  1. Now this is helpful content!! Exactly the advice I have been looking for. Thank you Andrea!!


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