Introducing The PR Channel: Telling It Like It Is

Introducing The PR Channel: Telling It Like It Is

By Sherry Lowry, serial entrepreneur

It is my privilege to participate in the launch of The PR Channel. It’s a strong prediction, but I believe this blog will change the general public’s perception and direct experience with the field of Public Relations.

PR in the 21st century is basically dying of starvation from lack of character. Here, there is hope. I believe The PR Channel will become one of our first mainlines back to a full and thriving trust, following our betrayal experiences within this industry and its sidekicks.

Too many professionals in communications, PR and social media confuse agenda or personal perspective with ‘the news’ by allowing personal gain to decide what becomes ‘shared information’. I believe the general public is ready for PR to be about truth.

My personal relationship with LuAnn Glowacz, Andrea Schulle, Dana Marruffo and Christine Cox has allowed me a fresh perspective on the way PR works. What I have learned from each of these women has stopped me dead in all my former assumptions, most of which I wasn’t even aware I had.

One of my more positive assumptions about PR was that it is something of an esoteric mystery—a distant art form. PR had an expertise set that I was missing. Still, I somehow realized the value if not specifically, logically. I thought of PR as the shadow-side of communications–one directly related to subliminal, manipulative persuasion.

From there, every single encounter I now have with LuAnn, Dana, Christine, and Andrea opens me to an opportunity for change and growth. This realization is actively helping me in my own business planning.  For example, as a result, I find myself wanting and further valuing a PR team for some of my new research and related projects.

So, why The PR Channel? Why now? Why these four founders?

I believe it is because with the advent of social media, a well- executed PR plan has become ever more crucial. We now have a necessary re-emergence of transparency in communications that, while exciting, also leaves us all more vulnerable. he PR Channel, to me, is a marvelous response to this, as we all benefit from a ‘fresh start’.

There is another significant ingredient worth examining here. Very much like the best of gumbo there is something special that serves as the secret roux within The PR Channel venture. I am calling it a return to a business blog that will be based on character, with a generous dose of extraordinarily well-informed, public sharing; sharing at substantial risk. These four experts will freely share much of their know-how the know-how with which they make their daily living. Their plan is to do this in volume and with regularity, with we the public, as benefactors.

It will be our privilege and our job to contribute to, and witness the rebuilding of a rich culture for their industry herein being re-examined.

Why? I believe it is because they love what they do, they do it well, and they genuinely want a more informed, appreciative public. I witness these women demonstrate over and over their generosity; they help each other (potentially being natural competitors one day, collaborators the next) and those of us in their circles who reach out to them for advice and guidance in the PR domain. They are each terrifically sharp, fun people with a ton of snap brought into everything they do, both professionally and personally.

The collaborative spirit in which this blog is built is crucial to its mission. Let us all be engaged as we learn, and contribute by commenting and joining in the conversation. Realistically what we get out of this blog is in direct correlation with the time and attention we each invest here.

It is with appreciation I welcome the advent of The PR Channel and this co-adventuring invitation I’ve accepted. I hope you will as well.

About Sherry Lowry, MA, MS, MCC
Sherry ’s business mentoring career spans 17 years. She is founder of 7 emerging-edge businesses in 7 industries. Her client-base includes founders/owners of privately held businesses led by early-adoptors ranging from solo-entrepreneurs to progressive, agile companies with up to 200 staff, or leading edge larger companies or organizations. Typically, her work with these involves the design of future business, which may include legacy planning. Recent clients report gaining: practical, immediately applicable ideas; increased capacity to create/manage productive collaborations and creation of new alliances; extreme clarity around their own core strengths and capabilities to leverage a more strategic awareness around using these. Her newest research resides within the successful integration 5 generations within workplaces and market spaces, with an emphasis on what’s working and what our wisest and youngest and most senior elders have to teach us all. Ongoing projects include matching CEO-seeking firms with the most appropriate CEO-qualified candidates; consulting with in-house leadership development teams on preparing their future leaders of all generations; supporting Principals and Administrators within a large Independent School District in Central Texas.

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Photo credit: with Creative Commons license on flickr from windiepink/Tiandra Croft

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6 Responses

  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Keisha McCotry, Sherry Lowry, TaQuinda Johnson, christine r. cox, Sandra Hanna and others. Sandra Hanna said: RT @crcpr21: RT @packersgirl: RT @prominencepr: Introducing The PR Channel: Telling It Like It Is [...]

  2. I like Sherry’s approach to this topic, because I feel there is huge opportunity to tweak the perception and value of PR. Involved in social media and marketing projects, my exposure and desire to be involved in PR has been extremely limited. PR equates to writing press releases (that very few read) and media relations (that is only really relevant at a certain level) and who knows what else they do sort of mentality.

    I’m curious to learn more about this distant art and look forward to more topics around the interplay between social media, PR, repulation and brand management.

    • Sherry Lowry says:

      Samantha, thanks for reading and for your response here. As I’m directly experiencing PR as well as other approaches to communications up close here by The PR Channel four founders this IS creative art. Their approaches are personal and personalized – yet professional.

      Stay tuned and let’s watch the mosaic that results as they cross-weave their responses as well as their posts here.

      You and i can help by sending direct questions their way — then engaging with them directly as they reply, as well as with the other members who are gathering.

      In my own case, I’m about to announce a collaborative set of services with an Austin-based fresh approach to matching available “talents” with available corp, org, and association “opportunities” for employment: I’m already interested in how to break this news — other than via a traditional press release.

      So that will be part of the nature of my own first inquiries into the talent here.

      What would be helpful to you in your business or career role at this specific point in time?

  3. Christine Cox says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Samanthat! It’s good to know people understand the value of this blog, because we sure are putting our heart, souls, and knowledge into it, for the world to see! So keep following and learning. And don’t forget, we’d love your questions in our ‘contact us’ section, as well!

  4. Greetings I am wondering if I can use this post in one of my blogs if I link back to you? Thanks

  5. Sarah S says:

    Hello All, First time poster and glad to be a part of the discussion!

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