Four Elements of Exceptional “About” Pages

“Who are you, really?”

Certain customers want an answer to that question before they sign on the dotted line (particularly if they are committing to a service or high-end product). The media certainly want an answer to that question before including you in a story. And certainly investors and potential partners will want an answer to that question before investing in your business.

That’s why your company’s “about” page is—and will remain—one of the most important pages on your website. “About” pages that reign supreme share at least four common elements.

1. Human interest/bios & history: Your “about” page is an opportunity to tell your company’s story in ‘first person’ in a way really makes the reader understand and care about YOU, personally. 37 Signals approaches this in an interesting way, incorporating a timeline, short exec bios/photos and product overviews all on one simple page.

2. Photos and multimedia: You’ve been warned before: a picture says a thousand words. There’s no better way to set the tone for your company than by using a visual. Maybe you just need one image (see Mail Chimp) or more (see Etsy’s visually driven page).

3. Press link: This page can be called a “pressroom,” “newsroom,” or simply “media.” (See PR Soup’s Nine Steps to a Noteworthy Newsroom.) This page is NOT simply a place to brag about the media coverage you’ve already received. Instead, include information that the media will want. Your press page should include: news releases, downloadable photos (particularly of the executive team), high-res logos for download, and specific press contact(s) for more information. Even small businesses should have a [simple] press page, particularly if your leadership is interested in giving interviews or getting media coverage. Take a look at these Austin businesses and non-profits for inspiration: Austin Ventures, Long Center for Performing Arts, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and Keepstream.

4. Quick info links: Include links to your blog (if active), company news (if separate from the blog), and product overviews or other company snapshots. Whole Foods has a robust link list on their “company” page. Notice that they separate niche audiences with the links: pressroom, info for potential vendors, etc.

Have you seen other “about” pages that caused you take notice, either as a consumer; a journalist, reporter or blogger; or an investor? Please share them in the comments section and tell us what worked, and why.

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