Get a first look into the crystal ball of business trends

Wanna get a first look into the crystal ball of business trends? Want to know who’s who, what’s the what, how to now? Then get the-self to this conference in downtown Austin – coolest town since Aquarius!

Before you register, comment below, and we’ll give you access to a top secret, super sexy discount code. You can even share it with your pals and potential, hard to get clients!

Here are the cold, hard deets (okay – the official word from the conference director)…

Technology Futures, Inc. (TFI) announces the Austin launch of its prestigious conference, MiniTrends 2012: A Conference on Translating Emerging Trends into Business Opportunities, October 17-18, 2012, at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown.

Dr. John Vanston, conference chair, is an Eric Hoffer Business Book of the Year winner for his book, co-authored by Carrie Vanston, MINITRENDS: How Innovators and Entrepreneurs Discover Profit from Business & Technology Trends. “Carrie and I realized through our work on this book,” says Vanston, “that people should have a place to learn about these trends while making business connections and meeting potential investors. So we decided to create the MiniTrends Conference.  We designed the conference for businesses and individuals to receive information, insights, and practical guidance during the current climate of rapid change by using trends to achieve success.”

MiniTrends are critical, emerging trends not yet recognized or appreciated by the general public or businesses. These trends can be extremely valuable to informed business leaders perceptive enough to appreciate their potential worth. Achieving and sustaining success in the current environment of unprecedented marketplace innovation means being constantly alert to new and exciting MiniTrends. While tricky to predict, these trends will be identified and studied in this crucial, two-day conference featuring industry leaders from Austin and beyond.

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  1. Thanks for the plug, Christine! We appreciate it and look forward to seeing everyone in the great town of Austin!!

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