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5 Tips for Getting Your Audience to

5 Tips for Getting Your Audience to “Spread the Word”

Your supporters and partners are one of the most productive marketing channels you have, and one of the least expensive. But I see so few orgs that ask supporters to spread the word on vital asks, and even fewer who make it easy (and far more likely) for them to do so. Is your organization using a “spreading the word” strategy?

7 Tips for Improving SEO for Your Press Releases

7 Tips for Improving SEO for Your Press Releases

At a recent PR over Coffee event where the guest speaker was Erica Schuckies from Business Wire, I got some new ideas (and refreshed my current knowledge) about how to best use wire services. To be honest, I was there for the SEO (search engine optimization) tips. And boy did Erica deliver! Here are seven key tips you can start using today.

To Blog or Not to Blog - That Is the Question!

To Blog or Not to Blog – That Is the Question!

If your company doesn’t have a blog yet, you might be wondering if you’re missing out on the latest and greatest business generator, or whether you’re just smarter than the average bear and avoiding a pitfall. (Click on “Blog” and there’s nothing there = pitfall.) There’s a plethora of free content out there in the world these days; your blog needs to be stand up to the competition. Sloppy and irrelevant have no place in the blogosphere, so think before you give that 22 year old intern the job.


Extend Your Digital Publication’s Shelf Life

There are the obvious benefits to digital publications; from lower production costs to ease of distribution, one often forgotten benefit is the wealth of information and revenue each archived issue of a digital publication contains. In fact, back issues have never looked so good! Digital publications are capitalizing on back issues like never before and…


HELP! I have brain freeze.

We all know the feeling. The pounding that starts slow and then wham has you wincing in momentary pain. I’ve read that pressing your tongue or thumb to the roof of your mouth helps quell the throbbing. For me, squeezing my eyes shut and saying a few choice words seems to do the trick. This…


Write Like You Know How To Write

We’ve all been there. Finally settling down in front of the computer, we pull up the blank page, stare at it for a bit, daydream nervously about all the great things we want to relay in writing, then feel a rush of angst. We get up, get another cup of coffee, and come back hoping…