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Does CSR = ROI? The numbers can add up!

There has been a lot of talk lately about “community relations” or “corporate social responsibility” (CSR). Dare I say it’s become a buzz word? PR Soup finds the whole subject quite yummy. We’ve written about how to effectively integrate CSR into your current PR strategy and most recently about companies launching pseudo-CSR plans. Undoubtedly, consumers…


Four Elements of Exceptional “About” Pages

“Who are you, really?” Certain customers want an answer to that question before they sign on the dotted line (particularly if they are committing to a service or high-end product). The media certainly want an answer to that question before including you in a story. And certainly investors and potential partners will want an answer…


Is Your Company Trapped By Corporate Social Responsibility?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about corporate social responsibility and how it relates to your business’ public relations strategy. In fact, CSR (yes, it even has its own acronym) has been addressed more than once in this blog. In a  Harvard  Business Review article, February 2007, entitled “Redefining Corporate Social Responsibility”, Mark Kramer…


HELP! I have brain freeze.

We all know the feeling. The pounding that starts slow and then wham has you wincing in momentary pain. I’ve read that pressing your tongue or thumb to the roof of your mouth helps quell the throbbing. For me, squeezing my eyes shut and saying a few choice words seems to do the trick. This…


When to Skip the News Release

I’m often asked by small business owners and entrepreneurs: “When I want a news outlet or publication to include me in a story, I should send them a news release, right?” It certainly depends on the situation, but my answer is often, “No. Skip it.” And here’s why: A news release (a.k.a., a press release)…


How To Turn Around A Troubled Business

It isn’t uncommon for businesses of all sizes to find themselves in trouble even when times are good. These days, almost every business in virtually every industry has had to navigate some troubled waters. And although misery may love company, if you are at the helm and your company has found itself leaning the wrong way, you may feel like you are making the crossing solo. Fear not.


Effectively Using Community Relations in your PR Strategy

Does your business have a community service project or plan? If your answer is no, why not? Community relations is one of the most overlooked PR strategies, yet something that can easily be implemented for very little money – if any at all – and with a small time commitment.  Plus, chances are the majority…


Twitter This and Tweet That

It’s true. There are lots of people out there that still don’t get Twitter. I know a few of them, and my hunch is you do, too. And you may be inclined to fall into the trap I often do; the “let me explain this to you one more time” trap where before long you…


Six Tricks to Hiring Entrepreneurial Employees

Hey new entrepreneur! How are you feeling today? Nervous?! I hear you. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows in your world. Especially if the problem you’re facing is hiring employees number two and three (with you being employee number one). Who to hire is a tough question we all face in our lives. The question I hear most is do I hire a worker bee or an entrepreneur like me?


Social Media: For Small Business, It Can Be Like Jumping Hurdles

Social media continues to grow globally in terms of adoption, usage, interest and impact in a massive way. It’s undeniably changing the way that content and information work particularly in terms of the publishing of consumer opinion. This has transformed the way that consumers relate to brands and the way that brands should operate, driving direct interaction, transparency and a more consultative approach.