7 Tips for Improving SEO for Your Press Releases

7 Tips for Improving SEO for Your Press Releases

At a recent PR over Coffee event where the guest speaker was Erica Schuckies from Business Wire, I got some new ideas (and refreshed my current knowledge) about how to best use wire services.

To be honest, I was there for the SEO (search engine optimization) tips. And boy did Erica deliver!

Key tips for getting your press release online recognition:

1.)    Write for people first, robots second. You do not want your release so keyword heavy and full of sales jargon that nobody wants to read it. Remember: entice and inform.

2.)    Pick two to three keywords or phrases. Think like your reader. What would they search for if trying to find the subject of your release online? Place these words in the title and early in the release (within the first two paragraphs).

3.)    Keep your headline short. Industry standards recommend a title length between 2 to 22 words (65-70 characters). Google results will display the first 63 characters of each headline.

4.)    Bold and italicize important text and use bullet points for emphasis. This will help your main points standout and help search engines find them.

5.)    Link back to your website and owned content.  Choose relevant links to drive readers back to your website and use as a tracking device. Be careful not to overload your release with links or it will be considered spam and kicked out of search rankings. A link to text ratio of 1 link for every 100 words is recommended. Note that it’s best to link within your website, but if appropriate to your release, you can link to partner sites.

6.)    Include links to social sites. Don’t forget to include links to your LinkedIn, Facebook Twitter and/or YouTube channels, as well as your website, in your “For More Information” section.

7.)    Publish to your website AND social channels.

Our client Thanx Media just wrote an optimized press release announcing a client adoption of their product. Check it out as a great example of how it’s done. We also encourage you to look at their press room while you are there. Having both an optimized release and press room not only makes you look good with the press, it helps them find you as well!

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